What is Yababook?

We are the first digital platform putting at your disposal last minute tables in the most desired and exclusive restaurants. By paying in advance a deposit your reservation is confirmed and the amount of the deal will be deducted from the total amount of the bill in the restaurant.

How can I access to a reservation?

In oder to access our reservations, you just need to give us your email and we will send you a notification when there's availability in the restaurants of your interest. You will find us in the restaurant site or directly in

What do I have to do to make a reservation?

If you want to make reservation, you need to be registered first. Once you are resgistered, you will be able to reserve by paying in advance a deposit and you will also have access to all last minute tables in the most desired restaurants.

I am already registered, so now what?

And this is where it really gets good! Choose a restaurant and make your reservation. We will send you a notification with the confirmation and we will inform you about the average price of the restaurant. You will be able to make these reservations till last minute, and remember that you will enjoy in the restaurant all the fraction of the bill that you have advanced.

I have reserved the table, what's next?

If you have reserved the table, you will receive a confirmation message from Yababook and a second one from the restaurant informing about all the booking details.

How does the deposit works?

Every time that a restaurant inform us about a last minute table, we send a notification about this table available to all our customers interested in. The first who pay in advance the deposit will get the table and the amount will be deducted from the total of the bill in the restaurant. Those who hadn't reserve the table will be able to access the rest of the auctions of all our restaurants.

Can I cancel my reserve?

You will be allowed to cancel a reserve up to 8 hours before the reservation's date, if: you have made a mistake and you have introduced 50€ instead of 5€, for instance. Or if the booking details have changed significantly (table for 4 instead table for 3, i. e.).

Payment error

In case of any problem when confirming your reservation due to a payment error, you should check the details of your PayPal account or your credit card from your profile.

How many reservations will be available?

We will publish last minute tables everyday and you will be allowed to make a reservation until last second.

Is there a minimum price in a deposit?

Deposits are defined by restaurants aligned with their reservations and cancellations policy.