Yababook is the first digital platform which offer last minute reservations in the most desired and exclusive restaurants. We are an innovative solution for our customers allowing them to book a table in those restaurants where it was impossible before with a simple notification and a private sale. Whenever they can't make a reservation in the restaurant that they desired the most, or when they want to access to the most exclusive restaurants, they give us their basic contact information and they start to get email notifications with last minute availabilities of the places they are interested in. In case they want to reserve, they can make an offer in a private sale paying in advance a fraction of the total bill of the meal without additional costs. To provide total transparency to the process, we always inform our clients of the average price of the restaurant, when somebody has a higher amount and when the sale has ended. For our Restaurants we're a solution that helps them to optimize their overbooking with a higher user experience in their reservations and increases their revenues. Yababook is not a reservation system, we're a plaform that creates a new relationship between Guests and Restaurants based on the closement and the commitment.