Get the impossible

Find out about the last minute reservations in the Top Dining Experiences

Yababook is the unique opportunity to dine in the tough-to-book spots in town

Only 5% of those who try to book by traditional channels finally make it

Our secret: To take of last minute cancellations

When a restaurant notifies us of a last minute cancellation we offer you the posibility to reserve that available table paying in advance a fraction of your restaurant bill. At the end of your meal the advancement will be deducted from the total of your bill.

Get your reservation by paying in advance a fraction of your bill

Receive Last Minute Tables

Leave us your basic information and receive an email with the last minute reservations.

Make a deposit & Get the table

Make a deposit by paying in advance a fraction of your bill.

Enjoy all you pay in advance

The full amount of your deal will be deducted of the total amount of your bill at the restaurant.

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